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Who We Are

Global Health Initiatives
in the Philippines

In 2009, ABC's for Global Health took its first steps, fueled by a vision shaped during transformative medical missions in the Philippines. We soon recognized these healthcare challenges as universal, echoing across continents and touching countless lives. Thus, starting our mission in uplifting global health initiatives in the Philippines.

Our commitment? Transforming these narratives. We passionately believe that empowering communities with education and preventive measures is as crucial as providing timely treatments. Forging partnerships with communities, local governments, and the private sector has been central to amplifying our impact. Our mobile clinics symbolize hope. Beyond being medical lifelines, they serve as bridges, connecting us with the heartbeats of communities, fostering trust, and embracing diverse traditions.

In our mission, technology emerges as a powerful ally. Telemedicine ensures that even the most remote communities aren't left behind. Moreover, our advanced electronic medical records do not just capture patient histories; they paint stories, guiding us in optimizing our strategies for maximum impact. As we look to the future, we humbly seek partnerships with compassionate donors.



Together, we can co-create a healthier, more inclusive world, one community at a time.

Join us in making this vision a reality.

Dra. Julieta Gabiola
Making Accessible Healthcare to Filipinos

Our Core Values and Focus

Health care is everyone's right.
All can contribute to quality health care access.
We champion inclusion, diversity, and equity.
Respecting community health priorities is key.
Communities shape their health care services.
Collaboration drives sustainability.


To leverage mobile clinic outreach and improve chronic, non-communicable disease outcomes by strengthening community health education and implementing novel technologies that address research-based needs and increase healthcare access in underserved populations.


Continual access to quality healthcare in underserved areas is improved through community-based outreach and research as well as technological innovation.


Community-driven education respecting local culture.
Continuous care through our mobile clinics, telemedicine, and SMS.
Partnerships with communities, universities, governments for lasting impact.
Data-driven health transformations, prioritizing cost-effective solutions.


Mobile Clinic Solutions: Utilize cutting-edge technology for cost-effective medical services.

Disease Prevention & Management: Equip individuals with education, screening, and treatment tools to tackle health challenges.

Healthcare Education: Train aspiring health professionals and community volunteers to address local health needs.

Chronic Disease Research: Dive deep into non-communicable disease studies for enhanced intervention strategies.

Support Our Mission: Partner with diverse public and private entities to ensure the sustainability of our impactful healthcare initiatives.

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