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Apply for Friends For the Philippines 2024 Summer!

Applications for FFP/SGHIP are now open from September 10th to October 30th! Questions? Please feel free to contact Facebook: Friends for Philippines Instagram: @friendsforphilippines

Apply for Friends For the Philippines 2024 Summer!
Apply for Friends For the Philippines 2024 Summer!

Time & Location

Jun 13, 2024, 12:00 AM – Jul 13, 2024, 12:00 AM

ABC's For Global Health, Pampanga, Philippines


Applications for FFP/SGHIP are now open from September 10th to October 30th!

Fill out this interest form as this is the way we will be providing information about the application process and other additional information.

Questions? Please feel free to contact

What is FFP?

Friends for the Philippines (FFP), also known as the Summer Global Health Internship Program (SGHIP), is a 1-month medical mission in Pampanga, Philippines for Bay Area high school students. FFP inspires students to grow as individuals, help various communities with the mobile clinic of ABC’s for Global Health, and foster interest in the medical field. All high schoolers from the South Bay Area in California are welcome to apply! We are accepting 15 responsible and passionate high school applicants who will be joined by US college and Filipino medical students, led by Dr. Julieta Gabiola and Dr. Arthur Gallo.


Are you an undergraduate or graduate student but still want to participate in this opportunity? Apply to become one of our mentors! Mentors guide high school students in their journey to learn and grow while also seeing the impact of community health with them. Mentors will also have the opportunity to conduct and lead clinic-based research on various medical challenges and topics in the Philippines.

Mentor Information

Interested? Contact Dr. Gabiola at

Please include the following:

  • Introduction to yourself/Resume
  • Reason for interest in the program
  • What you hope to gain out of the experience

What will program participants do?

Learn Medical Skills

With ABC’s mobile clinic, students learn medical skills like to take vitals and talk to patients while shadowing doctors. Other skills include suturing, how to use EKG machines, and how to perform physical exams. Students will also learn about non-communicable diseases, the medicines for them, telemedicine, and public health.

Visit Different Communities in the Philippines

Clinics allow students to visit 20 disadvantaged barangays (communities) in the Province of Pampanga in the Philippines. Weekends are open for trips to different parts of the Philippines, such as Manila, Baguio, and Tagaytay, to bond and explore Filipino culture together.

Conduct Research

Students get the opportunity to research topics relating to the communities they visit. Research culminates into group projects led by our mentors. Previous years include research on diabetes, hypertension, and the social determinants of health. Students can also contribute to ongoing and upcoming research  in collaboration with ABC’s.

Build Connections

Every clinic, students will learn to make connections with patients if it’s while taking their vitals, interviewing them for research, or just talking to them while they wait for a consultation. Yet, along with the medical aspect, a big aspect of this program is stepping outside of comfort zones and having fun! Throughout the month, students (high school, college, and medical) grow together as one big family learning collaboration and communication. Through Dr. Gabiola and Dr. Gallo, students get special opportunities like meeting the founders of the ABS-CBN foundation and touring the University of Philippines College of Medicine (from the 2023 trip) that they experience with each other.


  • Board and lodging: $1500
  • Non-refundable deposit to ABC’s: $250
  • Flight (may change based on booking date): ~$1500
  • T-shirts worn in the clinics (4): $50
  • R&R/miscellaneous/laundry (brought by students to PH): $150

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