Our Goal

     ABC’s for Global Health is a 501 (c) 3 organization that seeks to establish the foundation for healthier living through prevention and control of non-communicable chronic diseases. Emphasis is on community-centered education and collaboration.

ABC’s stands for:

Advocacy  for better public policies to improve cardiovascular health outcomes.

Betterment   of individuals’ health and wellbeing.

Commitment   to creating sustainable, community-based programs.


Winter 2011- Dr. Julieta Gabiola explains the medications which she has prescribed to the patient.
  1. Increase awareness of cardiovascular diseases through education
  2. Use evidence-based medicine in preventing cardiovascular diseases
  3. Conduct research to determine effective prevention methods and measure outcomes.
  4. Create sustainable programs in underserved communities by training local health care workers.
  5. Translate bench research to field practice of medicine.
  6. Use new technologies to help support education, research, and collaboration.
  7. Collaborate with governmental units and NGOs to effect changes in funding and health policies.
  8. Conduct medical missions to determine needs and gaps in health care.
  9. Develop and nurture relationships with communities.
  10. Continue to search and apply for grants and funding to establish sustainability of these programs.


Julieta Gabiola, MD CEO Chief Executive Officer
Nina Boling Secretary
Tina Manio, MD Treasurer
Lynn Fain MSW PRO
Latha Palaniappan,MD CRO, Chief Research Officer
Len Smith, MD CITO, Chief IT Officer
Gretchen Picache, MBA CSO, Chief Strategic Officer