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Internship – ABC’s for Global Health Training Program


ABC’s for Global Health Training Program


Goals: To engage and train passionate learners in providing high impact global immersion projects directly to the communities in the Philippines. Training allows individuals to grow, to nurture and be nurtured, connect with people and hone down on leadership, communications and forging relationships with people in the communities, educational institutions and public/private leaders.


What is required:


  • Interest or passion in global health projects with emphasis on chronic disease prevention, management, education and research ;//
  • Longitudinal commitment:  Summer commitment is 1-month starts around June 15- July 15. During the year- a 1 year commitment of about 2-3 hrs /week to develop educational modules, videos, curricular planning, coordinating fundraising efforts, help create and deliver lectures or presentations.  This can be done remotely with conferences with mentor as needed.
  • Junior and Senior high school students, undergraduate, medical students, MPH or PHD students, PA and NP students, dental and pharmacy students, recent graduates from college or master’s program
  • Internship is available all year round or a one-month immersion in the Philippines with the medical mobile clinic going directly to the villages, to administer health care, education, prevention and research on chronic diseases. Opportunities to engage in mobile technology like telemedicine and SMS texting to follow chronic disease patterns and outcomes are also available.
  • Background in any of the following: writing, journalism, documentary videos and films, computer work, Ed tech, analysis of data, medical informatics, graphic design, leadership, statistical work, creation of educational programs for learners, program development, educational presentations, socio-cultural advocacy
  • Summer program of a month requires a contribution of $ 1000 to cover food and accommodations in the Philippines for 1 month. Interns cover their airfare ( around $1000-1200 round trip) and leisure time in case they like to see other islands in the Philippines


Intern Responsibilities


Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Apply organizational and writing skills to the development and implementation of global health initiatives or programs
  • Develop advocacy and educational resources
  • Identify elements of good curriculum design
  • Assist with development of training programs, organizational strategic plans
  • Contribute to cutting-edge programs in development
  • Develop leadership skills by enhancing awareness of different leadership styles
  • Adopt and enhance good interpersonal skills
  • Contribute to Big Data – collection and data analytics
  • Incorporate educational innovations


Qualifications and requirements include:

  • Strong initiative and motivation
  • Reliability
  • Resilience
  • Flexibility
  • Cultural diversity and sensitivity
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Passionate interest in global health
  • Willingness to learn and teach
  • Strong writing skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Detail-oriented work style
  • Proficient in multitasking
  • International experience is a plus
  • Other types of interests and skill sets are also welcomed, including:
    • Statistical analysis
    • Epidemiology
    • Public Health/population health studies
    • Big Data
    • Telemedicine
    • Social media usage to improve health care
    • Graphic design
    • Film editing and production
    • Curriculum development in areas such as: Nutrition, Exercise program, leadership. Communications, Technology, Water and Sanitation, Dental Prevention, Malnutrition, Establishing international linkages


What do you derive from the global training and volunteerism?


  • Individual and group fulfillment
  • Creation of meaning and sense of purpose
  • Training which may provide further assistance in your career trajectory
  • Establishing linkages with institutions, leaders and people
  • Opportunity to help others
  • Develop lifelong relationships and friendships
  • A Certificate


Call for Mentors and Femtors:


We need mentors and femtors in the following areas:


Healthcare: doctors, nurses, PA’s and NP’s, pharmacist, dentist, social workers, psychologist, interns and residents in Medicine or Surgery, advanced medical students, grad students like (MPH) and advanced PA and NP students.  Areas of interest are CV health, Education, Social outreach, leadership, pharmacy organization and dental prevention.

IT and Data analysis

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research



Communication skills



This mentoring/femtoring program is unpaid. It will be an opportunity for leaders to share their expertise and make a difference in learner’s trajectory and purpose.


Narratives from trainees, Femtors and Mentors and Volunteers:

This is where volunteers, trainees and femtors and mentors will upload their experiences. One paragraph summary( about 500 words)


  • Name, Institution and a link to your narratives
  • Narrative will consist of when and where you did your internship, volunteer work or summer program.
  • What was the focus of your project, In few sentences summarize your contribution
  • What was learned?
  • How will you engage future trainees?
  • When will you return to learn, teach or share your experiences
  • What do you consider success with what you experienced




Name Jenssy Rojina, medical student form OSHU wrote a narrative_______ ( about 500 words)


Available training tracks:

For Trainees, Mentee/Femtee

  1.  All year internship:


  • Commitment is one academic year to start June to June.  
  • An average of 2 hrs per week commitment on projects designed by mentors/femtors in collaboration with the mentees/femtees
  • One month immersion project in the Philippines
  • Poster presentation or presentation to workshops, seminars of group
  • Activities may involve creating training materials for community education, helping improve educational curriculum for communities and trainees in the US or Philippines
  • Helping run leadership workshops and seminars
  • Data analysis
  • Epidemiological analysis
  • Research
  • Advocacy programs
  • Fundraising programs


  1.  Summer global health immersion program
  • One month of community work in the Philippines
  • Preplanning of projects starts around February and March
  • Creation of project by May,  so by June, the project is ready to go in the Philippines
  • Projects must be in alignment with ABC’s for Global Health goals in treating chronic non -communicable diseases, prevention, education and research.
  • Must identify a mentor/femtor and work with that mentor prior to going to the Philippines


III.  Short term projects


  • Creating videos
  • Data Analysis
  • Grant application
  • A research project
  • Med Scholar or Capstone Projects on chronic diseases, medical education, community education, use of technology for prevention etc
  • Website design
  • Creating educational models


  1. Areas of Interest
  • Diet program-create educational videos, cooking class, informational flyers
  • Physical activities/Exercise program- create informational flyers, videos and classes
  • Creation of videos- to capture people’s stories
  • Dental hygiene and prevention of caries and gingivitis
  • Malnutrition program- identify people who are malnourished  or at risk and establish programs and solicit donors like Feed my Starving children
  • Electronic Medical Records/Open MRS –improving what we already have
  • Diabetes management and prevention, create educational programs, informational flyers, program to enhance adherence to meds, diet and exercise, creation of a registry
  • Hypertension management and prevention, create educational programs, informational flyers, programs to enhance adherence to medications and follow up
  • Hyperlipidemia management, prevention, create educational flyers and videos,
  • Use of creative social media platform to enhance what we are doing
  • Telemedicine
  • Disaster and Emergency training-triage, CPR
  • Medical Mobile Clinic- how to improve the delivery of care and measure outcomes




Commitment one to two years or ongoing indefinitely


Must submit your brief bio and CV to be uploaded at ABC’s for Global Health Website:

Mentors/Femtors needed in the following specialties:

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Public Health /Population Health
  • Community education
  • Medical/Nursing/pharmacy education
  • Dental
  • Film/Video creation
  • Fundraising
  • Curriculum design
  • Research
  • CV diseases
  • Physical therapy/Exercise/Physical Activities
  • Nutrition
  • Leadership
  • Communication –establishing relationship with the community, peers, institutions, giving and receiving feedback
  • Bid Data/IT/Medical Informatics



Latha Palaniappan, MD –  Research skills

Len Smith, MD     IT/Medical Informatics/Open MRS

Leo Celi  MD Bioinformatics  MIT/Harvard

Julieta Gabiola, MD  Internal Medicine, Chronic disease models, Mobile Clinic

Alicia Fortalezza, RN, BSN  Creating organizations, curriculum development

Marife Sevilla  RN, BSN  Leadership, Human Rights, Robotics

Melinda Bender RN BSN, PH D  Research in Nursing and chronic diseases

Jane Lombard, MD Cardiology , Women’s health

Erica Weirich, MD Family Medicine  Global Health Research

Eddie Atwood, MD Cardiology

Maria Beebe , PHD  Global Health

Tom Beebe PHD Qualitative research

Bing Yamat DDS  Dental treatment and prevention

Galena and Michael Nasakin DDS – dental treatment and prevention

Ching Kay Chow-  Telemedicine

My Le- Computer Engineer  Engineering for Good

Mary Christensen  RN- Population Health



Dante Morales,MD Cardiology Chronic Diseases research

Al Santos, MBA   Business organization

Leo Po – MBA Business Mentor


JB Eudela: Film

Iris Isip Tan  , MD Medical Informatics

Alvin  Marcelo, MD Medical Informatics

Jundelle Romulo  Biostatistics

Dr. Dax Tidula: Family Medicine

Dr. Luis Calingo:  Leadership and education


How to apply for training, internship and volunteer work:


Go to:


Send a resume or CV to

A letter of intent and purpose and what you like to work on


Positions: summer internship June 15-July 15 ( may vary slightly) each year

All year training- about 2-3 hrs a week commitment, one week intense medical mission work( after January 6th –Monday to Friday medical mission   or  around June 15-22 )

Applications are entertained on a rolling basis.

Since we only have volunteers, responses will be coordinated my emails.  Applications are reviewed. Volunteers and interns and mentors/femtors will be invited for a phone interview after the applications are reviewed.


Mardi Gras Fundraising Event for ABC’s for Global Health

Please join us on February 10th, Saturday at 6:30 pm till 12 mn for a dinner dance fundraising event for ABC’s for Global Health. We are preparing to fo to the Phillippines with volunteers in June 2018.


ABC’s 1st Run For A Cause

ABC’s for Global Health 1st Run for a Cause is to raise awareness as to the value of exercise to our health and also to raise funds to support the $50,000 annual operating cost for our very first Medical Mobile Clinic.

The Fun Run will be in four categories 3km, 5km, 10km and 16km run.


Start and finishing Routes:
City Hall of San Fernando, Pampanga


Routes of the Fun Run:
City Hall of San Fernando, Pampanga
Capitol Blvd (in front of PASUDECO Gate Entrance, U-turn slot for 3K)
Lazatin Blvd (in front of Heroes Hall, U-turn slot for 5K)
Bacolor Road (Gugu Bridge, U-turn slot for 10K)
Bacolor Road (Cabetican Bridge, U-turn slot for 16K)
City Hall of San Fernando, Pampanga


June 18, 2017 (SUNDAY)
4:00am to 9:am

Categories Assembly Time Gun Start
16K 4:00am 4:30am
10K 4:30am 5:00am
5K 5:00am 5:30am
3K 5:30am 6:00am



  1. All Participants are required to complete and sign the Official Entry form containing the requisite waiver/release declaration. Submission of the signed Official Entry form or participation in the race as a registered Participant (even in the absence of a genuine signature in the Official Entry form) shall serve as conclusive confirmation of (a) the Participant’s consent to the waiver/release printed in the Official Entry form and (b) the Participant’s agreement to abide by the rules and regulations of the FUN RUN.
  2. While every reasonable precaution will be taken by the Organizers to ensure the Participants’ safety, it is understood that Participants are strongly encouraged to undergo medical check-up and/or consult medical practitioners prior to registration and before the actual race day.
  3. Participants must wear the assigned Bib Number on his/her chest. Participants not wearing Bib. Number will be taken off the course by security officers and will be banned in participating in future events.
  4. Roads are not closed to traffic so runners are advised to be alert for incoming vehicles.
  5. A Participant must retire from the race immediately, if required to do so by any member of the official medical staff, Race Director, Security Officer.
  6. Bicycles, in-line skates, prams, push carts, shoes with built-in or attached rollers and any other wheel run objects are not allowed on the course other than official race and medical vehicles.
  7. Once registration has been duly processed, there will be no entry fee refund for Participants.
  8. There will be no entry fee refund if the event is cancelled on account of force majeure or for causes beyond the reasonable control of the Organizers.
  9. The Organizers reserve the right to use any photographs (including those of Participants), motion pictures, recordings or any other media records of the FUN RUN for any legitimate purpose, including commercial advertising, without giving monetary consideration to any Participant.
  10. The Organizers reserve the right to limit and/or refuse entries without giving any reason.
  11. The Organizers will not entertain nor be in any way responsible for any disputes arising from incomplete entry details.
  12. Race routes maybe subject to changes for safety and traffic reasons.
  13. Race category and race entry are strictly non-transferable.
  14. Participants who commence before the actual start time of his/her Race will be disqualified.
  15. Participants under 18 years must have the waiver signed by a parent.
  16. The organizers decision is final.
  17. For all other Participants, disputes and appeals regarding the result must be submitted in a written format, including electronic mail within 3 days of race day. Organizers reserve the rights to not entertain any dispute or appeal after June 18, 2017.
  18. The Organizers reserve the right to require the participant to present official documents necessary to support the disputes or appeals made.

For more information you may download the following files

  1. ABC’s FUN RUN General Information
  2. ABC’s FUN RUN Program
  3. ABC’s FUN RUN Registration Form
2017 June Fun Run Call for Sponsors

To potential sponsors for ABC’s for Global Health Fun Run June 18,2017 in San Fernando Pampanga,

We would like to ask you to be one of the sponsors for the ABC’s for Global Health fun run in San Fernando Pampanga on June 18, 2017. The funds will be used for the operations of the medical mobile clinic in Pampanga which we launched in June 2016 and now seeing 10 barangays in Pampanga. Please be generous.

The operating budget for one mobile clinic is $50,000/year. It goes mainly to salaries of the doctor, nurse, coordinator, driver and IT EMR. The mobile clinic administers services to 10 communities( about 20,000 people). The clinic sees about 50 patients per day. Hope is to reduce the impact of chronic diseases so people do not develop complications like kidney failure, stroke, heart attacks which are occurring a decade earlier among Filipinos. We are going prevention, education and research as well, partnering with Stanford and the local universities in the Philippines. We also have included 4 AETAS villages (indigenous population in the Philippines) where their access to care is almost non existent.

We like to place your name or company logo on those singlets and we have to order them the next week or so.

Hope you commit to be one of the sponsors.

We will be again in the Philippines June to July with volunteers and students. The mobile clinic operates on an ongoing basis.

Please email us at

June 2017 Medical Mission


AETAS, Pampanga Medical Mission and Medical Mobile Clinic Initiative


Do you wanna make a difference for the underserved community? Now is your chance to pay it foward. Join the June 2017 ABC’s for Global health medical mission in Pampanga. Simply download application form and submit it to our website or message us on our Facebook page.

You may download the application here Final Applicaton 2017 Pampanga Medical Mission Final APPLICATION.docx

For the mission guide, please download here Pampanga 2017 Mission tips template