2017 June Fun Run Call for Sponsors

To potential sponsors for ABC’s for Global Health Fun Run June 18,2017 in San Fernando Pampanga,

We would like to ask you to be one of the sponsors for the ABC’s for Global Health fun run in San Fernando Pampanga on June 18, 2017. The funds will be used for the operations of the medical mobile clinic in Pampanga which we launched in June 2016 and now seeing 10 barangays in Pampanga. Please be generous.

The operating budget for one mobile clinic is $50,000/year. It goes mainly to salaries of the doctor, nurse, coordinator, driver and IT EMR. The mobile clinic administers services to 10 communities( about 20,000 people). The clinic sees about 50 patients per day. Hope is to reduce the impact of chronic diseases so people do not develop complications like kidney failure, stroke, heart attacks which are occurring a decade earlier among Filipinos. We are going prevention, education and research as well, partnering with Stanford and the local universities in the Philippines. We also have included 4 AETAS villages (indigenous population in the Philippines) where their access to care is almost non existent.

We like to place your name or company logo on those singlets and we have to order them the next week or so.

Hope you commit to be one of the sponsors.

We will be again in the Philippines June to July with volunteers and students. The mobile clinic operates on an ongoing basis.

Please email us at jettegabiola@gmail.com