November 16, 2013

You have all heard by now about Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda and the devastation it caused in the central Philippines, particularly in Tacloban and regions of Samar. Other areas that have not been accounted for are also devastated.

We sincerely hope that everyone and their families and friends are safe. ABC's for Global Health would like to do everything it can to help, and is in the process raising funds to support those organizations who are providing relief in Philippines. Our humanity urges us to drop everything and volunteer, but the reality is that it would cause more harm than good. ABC’s has limited experience in providing disaster relief, and we believe that the most efficient and effective use of resources is best accomplished by organizations that have the necessary experience.

We are currently accepting donations via PayPal to support Corporal Works of Mercy, a local organization in Tacloban. In the past, we have worked with them in addition to Mercy Hospital and Holy Infant College, and would like to continue to provide support for them in this time of need. While major challenges regarding communication with and transportation to affected areas continue to hamper relief efforts, progress is being made and supplies are beginning to reach those who need them most. Corporal Works of Mercy president Vicki Rollins has told us that her team, operating out of Cebu, has begun sending food to these areas.

Other organizations equipped to respond to large-scale disasters like this one are the Philippine and American Red Cross, UNICEF, Catholic Relief Services, Medical Team International, the World Food Program, Community and Family Service International, and plenty others. We encourage you to visit the following website for more information about donating to these organizations:

Many thanks for all your kind thoughts, volunteerism, and donations. We know this is an incredibly difficult time and are grateful for your enduring support. As always, you can reach us through our contact page, on Facebook, or via Twitter.


Julieta Gabiola, MD FACP
Clinical Associate Professor, Stanford University
Founder, ABC’s for Global Health

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